Corporate Social Responsibility

An increasing number of businesses are taking advantage of social media and networking to provoke a chain reaction around the socially responsible work that these businesses do. More and more companies are talking to their customers and looking for partnerships to have a positive impact on the world. Now more than ever, consumers expect more and more companies not only to have functional benefits, but also a social purpose. A global survey on Corporate Social Responsibility found that 50% of global consumers are still willing to pay more for socially responsible products and services.

Also, according to a corporate liability survey funded by the insurance company Aflac, in collaboration with Fleishman Hillard Research and Lightspeed GMI, 83% of professional investors are more willing to invest in shares of a company known for its social responsibility.Therefore, videos related to corporate social responsibility, and therefore to the contribution of companies to social, environmental, research, cultural and educational issues, as well as to actions related to human-centered and fair human resources policy, respect for workers’ rights , rules of hygiene and safety and strengthening social dialogue, are the videos that will give us recognition and will be spread immediately and successfully